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Picture of our customers wiener dog inside a box ready to be moved in Providence, RIIf you have experienced moving before, you know how stressful it can be. There are so many things that you have to take care of, and it can be overwhelming. At times like this, you can count on Grace Movers Providence RI to make moving a breeze for you. Helping someone with the tedious process of moving is where we are good at, and we will not disappoint. If you are looking for a company that can assist you in this stressful time of your life, consider our service, and we will gladly provide you with a firm quote which details the service we offer as well as the price and the schedule of your move. We take pride in our quality service that doesn’t leave you broke. If you compare our service with other company, you will realize that we offer the same but for a more affordable price. Despite being cost-effective, you can be confident that quality will never be compromised.

We are a full-service Providence moving company that you can rely on when it comes to your moving needs. As one of the top Providence moving companies, you can be sure that we will provide you with quality and honest service. From packing to unpacking your items, we can be there for you to help. You don’t have to worry about a single thing because we got you covered even with the smallest detail. Our services are flexible, and we can adjust based on your needs. Whatever you require on your moving day, we will be able to provide it to you.  Consider all the other Providence moving companies as you research the industry, but we trust you will end up call the moving companies Providence RI trusts.  

On the day of your move, we will provide you with a Professional Moving Plan that fulfills your moving needs. This plan aims to make things go smoothly on the day of the move. We do not want to add to the stress you already have from moving, so we will make sure that everything works for your best. We have all the resources needed for a smooth move, so you don’t have to think about not having one thing in your tools. Also, we will consider your budget so you don’t need to overspend and you can make the most of your money. We understand that every move is unique so we will come up with a plan that is specialized for your situation and the structure of your home. Regardless of other factors, we will be able to provide you with the best moving service in town.  Call the top Providence moving company today!

The Moving Process

  • Loading- This is the time for us to inspect all items and boxes and check if they are correctly packed. 

    • We will ensure that they are listed in the inventory and adequately labeled for an efficient unloading process later on. We use the right plastic containment and padded blankets when loading furniture to make sure they will not be damaged. We plan our loading method and use a systematic approach to ensure efficient and safe unloading. We want     you as much as possible to be there when we load your items so you can give us special instructions if you have. We will go over our quote inventory list to make sure everything is organized and loaded correctly in the truck. We will also make sure we follow the moving plan we drafted.  Compare our moving process to any of the moving companies Providence RI offers to home and business owners to see why we stand above the competition.  
    • Transportation- We have the most professional drivers who will be responsible for moving your items. Also, we have the best equipment to ensure a smooth moving process. Our goal is to move your things safely efficiently with the help of our certified and licensed drivers. We use GPS tracking for long distance travels. We are insured so you can be confident that your items are protected.
    • Unloading- This is an integral part of the moving process because we have to make sure we unload them safely from the truck. We will do this process as careful as possible to avoid damaging your items. We will put your things in the rooms you specified, so you will not have a hard time unpacking them. Lastly, we will reassemble pieces that were dissembled before the loading process.
    • 3rd party Services- Some services are beyond our ability, so we work with third-party services to provide you with:
    • Reinstalling home theaters and audio systems.
    • Pet sitters who will make sure your pets are well cared for during the move.
    • Electricians, plumbers, and HVAC personnel to make sure your new house is ready to be occupied when you arrive.
    Picture of a truck loaded with furniture for our customer in Providence, RI
    A close up picture of our customers receiving their keys for their new home in Providence, RI
    A close up of our employees unloading boxes from our truck in Providence, RI

    Special Moves

    • Seniors- Moving can be extra stressful for seniors. This is a significant change for them, and they need help to survive this day. Grace Movers Providence will help seniors have a more relaxed and less stressful move. We have moving consultants who will ensure seniors are taken care of during the move.
    • Handicap or Accessible Living Moves- people with a handicap can find moving very challenging. We know that this is not easy for them that is why we have a specialized method to help them with the moving process. We will do our best to meet their needs while ensuring that the moving process is done efficiently. Our moving personnel is professional and respectful so you can expect positive experience with our team. We encourage you to discuss your needs with our Move Consultant to ensure that we will be able to know what requirements you have.
    • Corporate Relocation- We offer local and international moving services. We are experienced in small and large-scale moving so that you can expect only the best service from us. We strictly follow corporate policy as well as billing when reimbursements are required.
    • College/School- College moving day is a very personal day for families. It has been a tradition for years now. If you need help in making sure your move is done efficiently and safely, you can always contact Grace Movers to assist you. Whatever the type of move that you require, we will be able to offer them to you. We have small trucks that can handle your items to your campus. You can trust us that we will be able to move your items carefully as if they are our own. Give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you.
    • Compare us to the other moving companies Providence RI has to offer, and we trust you will select Grace Movers.  

    Other Moving Services

    • Unpacking- If you choose to have our unpacking service, our expert crew will remove your items from the boxes and transfer them to your specified areas following the Moving Plan we outlined. You can be there to oversee this process if you add some instructions. We will make sure that after the procedure, your home or office will look neat and organized.
    • Storage- We also offer storage services that last for a year. We own a propriety Warehouse Management System to ensure your items are well inventoried before being stored. We will store your valuable items securely and adequately in our warehouse facilities. We can accommodate short and long term storage as well as Less than Container Loads and Full Container Loads.  While you may consider other moving companies Providence RI consumers look to, you will find we offer the most complete set of moving and storage solutions in the area.  
    • Structured Packaging- Large items that can’t be handled by typical boxes need extra care. We have a 2×4 skid and creating a packing service for this purpose. We will use appropriate tools such as bubble wrap, shrunk wrap, padded blankets to ensure your items are safe.
    • Vehicles, Boats, Personal Watercrafts, and Motorcycles- It is extra challenging to move these kinds of items, but we can assure you that we are experienced and that we can move them safely. Make sure that you talk to our Moving Consultant about your unique requirements so we can plan.

    Choose One Of Our Packing Options

    Platinum Service Packing

    This package is best for those who need large-scale packing such as a company or if you are moving all your items from home. We will use a systematic method and the right packing material to ensure that your move will go as planned. You can trust that our packers are all trained, they will take care of your items for you. We employ only qualified and professional packers to ensure your things are handled well.

    Silver Service Packing

    With this package, we will offer you boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and other necessary packing tools that you need for packing.

    Whatever your packing needs are, we will gladly provide you with them. If you chose to hire our service to pack your things for you, we would assure you that your items are carefully handled. We will treat your things as if they are our own.

    Gold Service Packing

    This package is the same as the Platinum Service but more flexible. We can add or remove a service that you don’t see fit to your needs. The same professional packers will do the task of packing your items, and they will handle your things with much care.

    Picture of our moving boxes that are placed in the corner ready to be put on our truck in Providence, RI

    We are one of the best Providence moving companies in the region.  Whatever your needs for moving, we will gladly provide them to you. It can be challenging, but there is no moving project we can handle well. We will leave you satisfied with the service we provided. Call us today so we can discuss your moving needs.  See our FAQ page for more information about our moving services and general relocation questions.   Call Grace Movers Providence RI for a fast, free moving quote.  

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