Avoid Stress When Moving to Providence, RI Using These Tips

Moving Stress GraphicMoving to a new home will take you to a roller coaster ride of emotions. One day you are excited to plan the move, pack your things, and daydream of your new life in your new neighborhood. The next day you realize the big day is fast approaching, and you haven’t finished packing your belongings, and now you’re stressed and frustrated. Before you know it, the movers are in your doorstep, ready to load your things.

While it is true that stress is part of moving, you can minimize it and make the experience less hassle and memorable. The key to a stress-free relocation is planning properly. In this article, we will tell you some tips on how you can avoid the anxiety of moving, especially if you are doing it during the holidays.

Eliminate the Clutter

You don’t want to keep items that are no longer of use to you because they will only add to the things you need to pack, and that means more effort and additional cost on the moving company. Only bring the items that you can use in your new house and get rid of the clutter. Doing this will not only save you energy and time but will also make you feel accomplished and organized. You can donate the items to a charity, put them on a garage sale, or simply throw them away. You will thank yourself later for heeding to this advice.

Organize Everything

Perhaps one of the most challenging things to do when moving is to plan and organize everything. You can help yourself get organized by making a checklist of the tasks you need to finish before the day of the move arrives. As soon as you know where you’re relocating and when you’re doing it, begin setting yourself a timeframe when you need to accomplish everything in your checklist. Give yourself at least a week to accomplish each task.

The list should set as a guide and keep you on top of everything until the day of your move. Make sure to focus on everything on the checklist, so you still have time to relax prior to the big day. You can also seek help from the moving company because they will have materials to help you with completing things.

Prepare Ahead of Time

You will be under a lot of stress if you don’t prepare ahead of the move. It is always wise to start early than find yourself racing with time. Plan thoughtfully and consider everything that can affect your relocation. As much as possible, make a plan that can be carried out as quickly as you can because you don’t have the luxury of time. Generally, two months should be ample time for you to organize every nitty-gritty of the move. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the moving company if you feel like you are short of hands.

Expect the Unexpected

You can plan everything, make a checklist, manage your time, and pack your things ahead of time, yet sometimes, things will just go exactly you want it to happen. While creating a bulletproof plan helps tremendously for a stress-free move, it can’t guarantee the unanticipated things from occurring. There are a lot of factors that can go wrong on the day of your move, and all you can do is be flexible.

It can be wise to expect something will go astray on a moving day, so you can adjust your plan with ease. You can still have a stress-free move even when not everything goes according to your checklist.

Eat Properly and Rest Well

You should also take care of yourself in the process. You need to mind your diet and have adequate sleep even in the busiest days. Don’t skip meals and avoid sleeping very late in the evening because you cannot afford to be sick on the day of your relocation. Having a well-rested and healthy body helps ease the stress and will calm you as you near the important day of your life.

Stress is part of moving, and that’s something we can’t do away with. But we can choose not to be overwhelmed by it and still get things working to our advantage. By following these tips, we hope you have a happy and exciting move to your new abode.

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Moving Quotes: An Apple to Apple Comparison

Moving Quote ProcessThe key to a successful move is to choose the right professional moving company to do the job. Whether you are moving with your family or you’re relocating your business to a new state, it is critical to find the best people to help you make the task less stressful and daunting. Moving will cost you a lot, and you want to make sure you are spending your money on the best moving company possible. You want to obtain at least four quotations from various moving companies, then make a reasonable comparison of the things each company has to offer. By doing this, you can save yourself from disreputable companies that will rob you of your money, time, and energy. Keep the following factors in mind when comparing the estimates from each moving company:

Weight, Miles, and Hours

Study the estimate and check if they have the same information about the expected load, miles, expected hours, and the number of crew members. You have to consider the type of moving company you will get an estimate from. For instance, you should work with a long-distance moving company if you are preparing for a long-distance move. When it comes to the number of workers and the expected hours, it will mostly be based on the moving company. Some companies charge a flat rate for a certain amount of hours and bill you per hour for the succeeding hours thereafter. However, this can be disadvantageous on your part because it will lead to a higher moving charge. Another thing is the mileage calculation. It should be clearly shown for each estimate to ensure that there will be no additional charge per mile on the day of the move.


Storage, Insurance, and Add-on Services

Look for additional services that do not appear on all the quotes you have in hand. It will not be an apple-to-apple comparison if one estimate has packing materials included, while the others don’t. You should be keen on any add- on services because they usually are the game-changers. Watch out for insurance coverage, distance, and fuel, as well as storage space and time. You should ensure that each estimate has the same inclusions to avoid getting yourself scammed by a low-ball offer from a company, then asks you for extra payment for additional services that weren’t included in the quotation, when things are done. If the cost of mileage or fuel is added, you need to see to it that they are of the same range across all the estimates.

Other Things to be Aware Of

Be wise when studying the moving quotes you obtained. Always question a quote that is too high or too low because probably, there is something fishy with them. To give you a clear idea of how the pricing goes with a moving service, you should get at least 4 to 5 estimates from equally competent companies. If you see that one rate is substantially lower than the others, verify with the company the factors they included in the estimate to see if it matches the ones presented by the rest. If not, these variables may drive your rate up as soon as the move commences.

On the other hand, if the rate of a company is significantly higher than the rest, make sure they did not include services that weren’t part of other companies’ estimates. Take time to confirm if the moving companies have licenses and if they have enough manpower to complete the task on hand. Finally, if the offer is too good to be true, it probably is.

Ask Questions and Ask for Revisions, If Needed

If you can’t make an accurate assessment of the estimates for the reason that they don’t have the same inclusions, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the moving companies and make revisions with the estimate. You have all the right to ensure that every detail is taken care of. After all, this is your relocation you are talking about, and you want to make sure every aspect of it is handled correctly so that you can have a smooth and successful move. You can check online reviews from each company’s previous customers and see what they have to say about the overall service of the company. Don’t always make the price the deciding factor, and take into consideration the professionalism of the company and the way they treat their customers.