Here are the most commonly asked questions Grace Movers Providence gets from our customers about moving services:

How far in advance should I coordinate with movers?
The months of May through September are the busiest times for most moving companies. As much as possible, get in touch with the movers 30 to 60 days in advance to plan your relocation.

Should I obtain a written estimate?
This is one of the first things you should obtain from the moving company. A consultant from the moving company will inspect your items and offer you a written estimate based on the information he gathered. The written estimate should include every detail about the move, including the cost of the service.

How much valuation coverage do I have?
You only have limited liability valuation with your move. The standard is 60c per pound per item. If you want full valuation coverage, you can purchase it for an added cost. The amount will depend on the coverage you require and the deductible option you choose.

Can I pack my own things?
You have the option to pack your own items or have the movers do it for you. Be sure to use the right packing materials and methods to ensure the safety of your articles. Just be reminded that when you pack your own items, you will have very limited coverage. We recommend that you pack the non-fragile items and leave the fragile ones in the care of the professionals for safety purposes.

Are there items movers cannot take?
There are some articles that movers cannot take, including flammables, corrosives, currency, and pets, as well as perishable items. It is best to check with the moving company about the items they cannot transport so you would know which valuables you need to carry by yourself.

Do moving companies take house plants?
Unfortunately, movers cannot take your house plants. Your plant’s health may be compromised due to a lack of water and light during transit, which is why we recommend that you transport them yourself. You can also give it to your family and friends, so you don’t have to bring it to your new residence. Some states are strict when it comes to allowing plants to enter their states.

What is your mode of payment?
Most reliable moving companies will have several payment method options. You can choose from cash, certified check, money order, and some even accept PayPal transactions. You should make the payment before they unload your items at the destination.

How long will the move take?
The moving consultant should first perform a survey of your house to be able to provide an accurate estimate of the cost as well as the time it will take to move your items.

What happens when the moving company arrives?
The person-in-charge of your move should give you a walkthrough and discuss the details of the move with you. Before the scheduled day of the move, you should carefully plan everything with the moving consultant to make sure everything is taken care of, and you don’t miss any important detail. Your home will also be prepared to protect your house from any damages. The moving company can use cardboard to cover ceramic floors while they can keep the carpeted areas protected with cloth runners.

Should I provide the movers a tip?
This should be left to your discretion as there is no standard guideline for tipping. If you appreciate the work of the movers and think this is a good idea, you can do it, by all means.

Should I be there to supervise the entire process of moving?
Yes. You should be there during the entire time because you need to walk the movers through your residence to help them get the job done with ease. If you can’t be there on the day of the move, make sure to have someone you trust to oversee the move. You should instruct the movers where to put your items and furniture once they get to your new home.

What preparations should I make concerning my appliances?
You should disconnect all your appliances prior to the move. You can either disconnect the appliance by yourself or let the movers do it for an additional cost. You can also ask a third-party service to perform the task for you.

Can you store my household items?
You should ask this information from the moving company you’re hiring. Many movers have climate-controlled storage available to store your valuable items. You can keep your household goods for a long time or only for a short time in storage, and they will be ready and safe to be transported upon your signal.

Are you able to ship my vehicles?
Most companies can ship cars and trucks at the same time as your other items. In case your items have already filled the truck, we can ship your vehicles in a different shipment.

Do you need to repack my boxed items from my previous move?
We will check whether the boxes are properly packed and are safe for transport. We will only repack items that have compromised safety.

How should I prepare equipment such as snow throwers, lawnmower, etc., for the movers?
You should drain the fuel from your equipment. Refer to their manual on how to properly maintain and store these items if you plan on not using them for a long time.

Can moving companies transport my propane BBQ tank?
Yes, but you first need to drain the gas. You can contact a certified propane service to carry out this task for you.

Will I have the exclusive use of the truck for my items?
There is a possibility that your household goods will be loaded along with other shipments. The moving company will determine the number of your items and the origin and destination before they can decide whether you will have the van exclusive for your move or not. In case your household goods don’t fill the truck, you can ask the moving company to have its exclusive use for an additional cost.

Do you reassemble items you disassemble during the move?
All items and furniture disassembled in your old house will be reassembled once we reach your new residence.