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Move Planning

When you give us a call at Grace Movers Providence, we will immediately have one of our Moving Consultants come to your home and discuss with you the details of your move. If you are busy, we can have a consultation over the phone at your convenience. Rest assured that you will still get an accurate estimate whether we do it in-person or over the phone. Our consultant will include the inventory of your rooms, including their contents, assembly and disassembly of furniture, packing requirements, fragile valuables, and other crucial details of your move. We will also consider any third-party services and storage facilities when we plan your move.

Professional Moving Plan

Our detailed Moving Plan includes information about the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking on the day of your move. We will also outline the details of additional services you will require, such as third-party and storage services. After we have drafted the plan, we will offer you a moving estimate which details all the cost, extra services like storage and third-party services, packing and unpacking, and other pertinent information about the move. We will let you know about the logistics and estimated time to complete packing (if chosen), loading, transporting, and unloading of your items. We can discuss with you the details of our Moving Plan in a way that is convenient to you, whether it’s over the phone, email, or in-person. We, of course, prefer to present it to you in person so we can answer any questions you may have.

Moving Checklist

We present to you a helpful checklist that you can use weeks before your move:

2-3 Months Before Your Move:

  • Decide on your moving date.
  • Shop for a house (if you don’t have one yet), read city guide reviews, and school evaluations
  • Find out whether your employer will reimburse the cost for your move, the rates, and the mode they will be dispersed.
  • Having a garage sale may be helpful or donating some of your belongings that will not be part of your move. This will help you pack and unpack with ease and convenience.


    1-2 Months Before Your Move:

    • Get in touch with Grace Movers Providence to set an appointment for a consultation.
    • Acquire or rent your new property.
    • Make a list of the people or services that you need to inform about your change of address.
    • Get a change address cards from all the service providers you have a connection with, especially the post office.
    • If you are moving with your children, make sure to coordinate with the schools where you’re transferring them.
    • If you are moving to a new state, make sure to research their requirements for a driver’s license change
    • Make time to contact your insurance agent about the changes in your coverage
    • For insurance purposes, be sure to take photos of your homes

    Three weeks before Your Move:

    • Start packing your items or call Grace Movers Providence to do it for you
    • Coordinate with your utility service and have them disconnected the day after your move.
    • Talk to your new utility provider and have them connect your utilities before your move date.

    2 Weeks before Your Move:

    • Gradually empty your refrigerator and freezer. Consume as much food as you can to make it easier for you and the movers to load the refrigerator.
    • Make sure to clean your home and free it from any clutter. This way, you can help the movers have more ease in getting in and out of your home.
    • Your movers cannot load items, including aerosols, paints, ammunition, and flammables in the truck, so make sure to plan on moving them yourself.
    • If you’re moving tools and equipment that require gasoline and oil, be sure to drain them beforehand

    A Week before Your Move:

    • Inform your family about the final details of your move
    • Make sure to provide your movers with the number where you can be contacted on the scheduled day of your move.
    • Empty your appliances, especially your freezer, stove, dishwasher, etc.

    Moving is never an easy task. It requires careful planning from the beginning to ensure a positive experience for you and your entire family. It can be overwhelming, but with the help of Grace Movers Providence, we can make the task seem easy and effortless. We can assist you with your local or long distance move, any time of the day. You can depend on us because we have a reliable staff who will take care of everything from the time of planning until we have unloaded your last item. Rest assured that your relocation day will be a memorable one for you because of our aid.

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