Professional Moving Plan

When you get in touch with Grace Movers Providence, one of our representatives will set an appointment to assess your house. While we can carry this task over the phone, it is ideal to evaluate your home in person to be able to provide you with an accurate estimate. Our consultant will survey your rooms and the items in them, dis-assembly and re-assembly of your furniture, such as your bed, and your fragile valuables. We will also take into consideration the packing materials you need for your items, as well as other critical details that will help ease your relocation. We can coordinate with storage facilities and third-party companies that you will need in the course of the relocation. Grace Movers Providence can bring you top-notch moving services, whether it’s local or long-distance move at a price that is within your range. Our expert movers will help you devise a plan that is efficient and safe for your prized possessions.

We will outline a Moving Plan that includes important details about the packing, loading, transporting and unloading of your items. Grace Movers Providence will also provide information about additional services like automobile shipping, storage, and third-party services. After assessing your house and the number of items you will have transported, our moving consultant will offer a firm moving estimate. The written estimate will include all details about the cost, packing and unpacking services, logistics, and the estimated time we can complete the entire process of moving your items. We can give you a copy of this Moving Plan personally, or we can send it to you via email or over the phone. As much as possible, we hope that you can make time to meet with our consultant to discuss the estimate, so we can also answer any point of confusion regarding our services.

Moving Checklist

We compiled some of the most useful tips that you can use months before you move.

2-3 Months Prior to Your Move

  • Decide when you will schedule your move.
  • Look for your ideal house, read reviews about the city you plan on relocating to, as well as school evaluation if you are moving with your young kids.
  • Find out if your employer will reimburse your move and how much the rates are, as well as the mode they will be dispersed.
  • If you have items that you no longer need, but can still be useful, consider donating them to help you save on the moving costs. It will also ease your packing and unpacking efforts later on.

1-2 Months Prior to Your Move

  • Coordinate with one of our consultants to set an appointment for your in-house consultation.
  • Buy or rent the house where you will relocate.
  • Notify everyone that needs to know about your new address.
  • Get a change of address cards from your providers, especially from the post office.
  • Get in touch with the school where you are transferring your kids.
  • If you are relocating to a different state, be sure to learn the requirements for drivers’ license change.
  • Call your insurance provider and find out if there are any changes based on your new address.
  • For insurance purposes, take photos of your house.

3 Weeks Prior to Your Move

  • Start packing your items, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring Grace Movers Providence to do it for you.
  • Talk to your utility service providers in advance and tell them about your move so they can disconnect your utilities a day after your move.
  • Coordinate with your new utility providers and have them connect your services a day before you relocate.

2 Weeks Prior to Your Move

  • As much as possible, start emptying your refrigerator and freezer so that you can defrost them.
  • Organize your home and clear it from any clutter to give the movers more room to move during the relocation day.
  • Move your items that require fuel or gas to run, such as aerosols or cleaners, because the movers cannot load such items into their trucks.
  • Remove the remaining gasoline from any of your equipment because we can only transport them once they’re free from flammable liquids.

1 Week Prior to Your Move

  • Let your family know about what will happen on the day of your move and make sure everyone knows their part to make it easier for the movers.
  • Give your contact number to Grace Movers Providence to make sure we can get a hold of you on the scheduled day of your move.
  • Be sure to clean your appliances such as refrigerator and dishwasher and have them emptied in advance.

You can depend on Grace Movers Providence for a smooth, hassle-free relocation from start to finish. We can accommodate all your moving needs, whether it’s local or a long-distance move. Just give us a call, and we will immediately schedule a consultation.